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AMMO of Mig Jimenez TTH001 TITANS HOBBY - Testarossa Photoetched Bender

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Manufacturer: AMMO of Mig Jimenez
Product code: AMM-TTH001
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ManufacturerAMMO of Mig Jimenez
Product codeAMM-TTH001
Weight:1.24 kg
Added to catalog on:2.8.2021
Tags:Photo-Etched-Parts-Tools Photo-Etched-Parts-Bender

Testarossa Photoetched Bender

Tool for bending photoetched parts, rods, and metal parts.

The precision and speed of a legend has inspired us to bring you the Testarossa Photoetched Bender, the ultimate tool for bending photoetched parts, rods, and metal parts with total precision.

With the most complete and innovative design of the Testarossa Photoetched Bender, you will be able to bend both the small and large photoetched parts with precision. With this innovative design, you can also make every type of handling and clamp in any scale, saving valuable time and achieving bends with perfect radius and angles.

The Testarossa Photoetched Bender is manufactured entirely in Italy to the highest EU quality standards. The elegant polished metal and the red aluminium comb, machined to the most precise tolerances, are our small tribute to a classic Italian design.

Achieving completely precise angles is very simple:

1) Insert the photo-etch, rod, or any metal piece into the main plate and clamp the piece with the side press screws with a slight pressure.

2) Bend the piece to the required angle with the bending blade included in the box, and you easily have fine details at folded at the correct angle for your models.

Manufactured under the most demanding of quality standards in Europe and machined to the highest tolerances from steel and aluminium of the highest quality, the Testarossa Photoetched Bender precision machining has no equal in the market.

Exploded view:

1) Testarossa Photoetched Bender work base. Measuring 18 cm x 8.5 cm. Its surface is mirror polished to reduce friction of metal parts.

2) Milled pressure plate in red anodized aluminium. Features 13 jaws of every size, shape, and angle to adapt to any part.

3) The opposite side has a wide working area for long bends.

4) Pressure plate suspension springs.

5) Teflon washers.

6) Tightening nuts made of high-quality aluminium.

Recommend products: AT-PB PHOTO ETCHED PARTS BENDER, 300 mm long PIRANHA PE Tool and Zaginarka do elementów fototrawionych V3 / Photo Etch Bending Tool V3.

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Added to catalog on: 2.8.2021
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