How can I make a payment?

Customers from EU countries

C.O.D. payment is only possible when shipping via UPS (for most countries).
Payment via PayPal is preferred, as no fees are charged, and payment is recorded immediately.
PayPal also allows payment by credit card.
It is additionally possible to pay by regular bank transfer (the account number will be given during order submission), buy it may take up to a few days to process the payment, and the bank will charge a fee for the operation. For payments in euro, the fee is usually 1 euro. For other currencies, it may be higher.

Customers from other countries

C.O.D. payment is unfortunately not possible.
Payment is only possible via PayPal (which also allows payment by credit card).
Note: we do not accept bank transfers from foreign banks, as they usually involve huge fees for both the sender and the payee. The initial payment amount may be reduced by 30% or more, which negates the profitability of such orders.

Flexible payments with PayPal